Hide Gallery – Bringing art into the home with wallpaper direct

Art comes in many forms, it doesn’t just have to be contained in a single place such as an art gallery and it doesn’t necessarily have to be restricted to things like paintings either. More and more there is an emerging trend of people bringing art into their homes by using this like wallpaper direct, where the designs on the wallpaper has either been custom made or has a very high level of detail.

hide gallery wallpaper art

Use wallpaper direct to take art our of galleries

A particularly popular thing to do at the moment is take a well known work of art and have it printed onto wallpaper direct. This way you’re not only getting beautiful wallpaper but you’re also getting an established and beautiful work of art in your own home directly.

One of the main appeals is that you can use wallpapers in all sorts of places in your home. You can use bathroom wallpaper to have a work of art in your bathroom or even buy kitchen and brick wallpaper to literally have art wherever you go in your home for a relatively cheap price. There are more and more stores online that are offering this custom printing service, we’ll be covering how you can do this yourself in future posts…so stay tuned for more!

Hide Gallery – Making art our of precast concrete fence panel

As I’ve mentioned in a previous blog post, art can come in many form and in this post I’m going to be discussing creating art on a concrete panel that are commonly used for fencing off land. A concrete panel actually makes pretty much the perfect canvas for painting because of their uniform and flat surface and the fact that they are typically dull concrete objects. The idea first came to me to paint these objects when I looked out at my land and realised the dull grey structures were pretty much an eye sore and thought that with a little big of creativity, I could make a real difference.

hide gallery concrete panels

Using concrete panels as a canvas for art

What I will say is when you’re actually painting your precast concrete fence panels, it’s important to use resilient paints. In case it does need saying watercolours just aren’t going to cut it! You need something that is acrylic or polymer based in order to stand up to the harsh British wintertime. If you’re looking to cheat a little with your actual art work, I would recommend actually creating a stencil, this can save you a lot of time if you have a lot of concrete panels to cover. The results you can achieve with this technique can be truly beautiful…give it a go!